The Power Nap Formula for Busy People will help you to boost
your energy in 20’ or less using applied physiology of sleep
and advanced sound technology

Do You Get Enough Sleep?

If you’re like me (and most people) you sometimes don’t.

Although we all know how essential sleep is for our health and well-being, we often skimp on sleep chasing to get more done; while access to technology makes it possible to stay busy around the clock.
(By some estimates, we are now sleeping about 20 percent less than a century ago).

Please keep in mind that excessive sleepiness is not just a matter of feeling lousy; it affects our mood, relationships, work, and quality of life.

Lack of sleep can have some serious impact on our health and happiness; some of the consequences of sleep deprivation are:

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein which has been proposed as a risk factor for coronary artery disease
  • Impaired glucose tolerance, which can be a prelude to the development of diabetes
  • Increased hunger/appetite which could promote obesity


How would it be like if there was some kind of “pill”, a natural cure for sleep deprivation that could boost our energy with no side effects?

In fact there is; it’s ancient as mankind is and it’s called napping…

The Power Nap Formula For Busy People is about how to employ power napping for restoring your body, your emotions and your mind.

This is not just another book to read; it’s the definite tool to get control of your sleep through power napping.

You are going to learn and practice 

  • Why sleep is so important
  • What power napping can do for you
  • Applying sleep physiology to find out when to nap, where and for how long
  • How to use advanced sound technology to nap faster and deeper
  • The step by step power nap formula
  • How to reduce total sleep time by going polyphasic
  • The EXACT Action Steps to take

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Bill Valandreas